Forget Not His Benefits Part 1

Psalm 103:1-3, Acts 2  The Christian life has tremendous benefits.  We have the promise of forgiveness, power and purpose.

Fear Not

Matthew 28: 1-20  When the world around us feels dark and broken, Jesus reminds us that He is present.  He is powerful and has a worthy purpose for our life.

You Are Not Your Own

God cares for you because He paid for your life.

Against the Wind

Jesus is present and powerful when we face those times where we have no strength to keep going.  Mark 6:45-54

Jesus Restores Broken People

When poor choices and evil forces seek to isolate, and move us away from purpose, Jesus can give us a fresh start and a new direction to follow.  In Mark 5:1-20 Jesus restores a broken man back to his family and community and also gives him a new vision for life.

Power for Living - Part 2

The Holy Spirit can empower us to live a godly life

in challenging times.

Ephesians 5:16, Rev. 3:14-22, Acts 4:23-31

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